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GAUC NEWS for January 7th, 2018

Please join us this Sunday as we celebrate Epiphany Sunday when the Wise Men visited Jesus and the Sacrament of Holy Communion!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s good to be back home, but I honestly can’t say good things about the weather here! Brrrr! However, I’m still warmed by memories of our first Christmas Eve together, basking in the glow of those Silent Night candles and the tremendous turnout.  Many thanks  for the wonderful music to Armeda, to Mate, as well as to the whole choir. More specifically, thanks to Sylvia for starting things off with a wonderful solo on

Do You Hear What I Hear? and to Anna and Katherine for their duet on O Holy Night. It was all beautiful!  Appreciation to Gary and Deb for the apples, Harriett for the scripture reading, Rick Sands for the flawless audio/video work and to the many unnamed people who made it a very special night.

Also thank you to all those who attended and invited others to come with them. If they enjoyed the service, perhaps you could encourage your guests to come back one Sunday soon.  Many Blessings to you and yours for a healthy and happy 2018. Hope to see you Sunday as we continue our Christmasy celebrations, when the wise men get there on Epiphany!

This week’s Message title:   “New Year, New Star!”

 Focus Scripture:                    Matthew 2:1-12


On Sunday January 14th, we will be celebrating our 25+2 (27th) anniversary of when this congregation became an official charge of the United Church of Canada.  Please plan to stay to enjoy a delicious hot lunch provided by our Board and catered by Monastery Bakery.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – February 11th, 2018

This annual congregational meeting will be held after service on Sunday, Feb. 11th. It’s not too early to start writing your annual reports. This is also a good time to begin considering how you could express your commitment to our Church by taking on a role that someone else may have been working at for a long time and is ready for a change.  Please pray about it and see what God has in store for you!

SEWING BEES IN  2018   Let Sandra (sandramthwaites@gmail.com) know if you want to participate in more Bee’s in the New Year.  Just let Sandra know what days work best for you, so that we can schedule a Bee when you’re able to come.


Every Sunday, Cris and Sara are ready and hoping to hold Sunday School for kids of all ages. Why not bring your grandchildren, nephews or nieces for a good time for all.  HELP NEEDED – As the Sunday School grows, with the range of ages, would you be willing to help out now and then, or provide backup if Cris and Sara are away or sick?  Please speak to Cris Vance or phone her at 905-220-7115.