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GAUC NEWS for April 15th, 2018 

Th​is week we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of the Easter Season! 

Infant Baptisms are wonderful events of new life and this week we will be honouring 3 1/2 month old Clark Van Doorn, son of Julie and Derek Van Doorn and brother of Claire. To make the celebration complete, Armeda has invited special guest musicians, The Falgarwood Brass, to accompany the choir and perform this Sunday

Remember, every Sunday, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cookies are available at 9:30, so we can chat before Service and Sunday School at 10am.


Thanks to Rick Sands for leading worship last Sunday. The Smoky Mountains is where I often feel closest to God and it was the perfect place for restoring my soul and energy level during study leave, after a wonderfully active Holy Week. Thanks to all who participated in our many events! News of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy reached even there, and our hearts continue to mourn for the community and especially the families of those who passed from this life. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!


This Sunday’s Message title:   “Ghosts Don’t Eat Fish!”

Focus Scripture:                         Luke 24: 36-49