Glen Abbey United News

GAUC NEWS for December 8th, 2019

This is New Member’s Sunday! Come and enjoy as we celebrate 8 new full members! There will be cake after!


The current forecast for Sunday is sunny and 6 degrees. A bit of a change from last Sunday, although I was pleasantly surprised by the almost 60 souls who made it through. This is the 2nd Sunday in Advent.  I’m looking forward to seeing you and your guests this week. If you’re in the area, start your day off right, at Church!    Rev. Ted


This Sunday’s Message title:                                    How to Find Peace

Focus Scripture:                                                           Isaiah 11:1-10


Thanks to all who attended Generosity and Stewardship Sunday. Despite the foul weather, there was a good turnout and everyone enjoyed a splendid lunch.  We have put the materials for those not in attendance in Sunday into personal envelopes which will be distributed at church over the next two Sundays. Thereafter, we will send them to those who have not picked their copy up by regular mail or by electronic mail. We are hoping that you will be able to respond by year end.


Dave Jagger who was to be our guest preacher lives in Elmira and could not attend the service due to the weather. As a result, his thoughtful sermon was delivered by video. The video will be posted to the GAUC website so that everyone will have a chance to hear Dave’s comments. A copy of the presentation by our Treasurer Rob Stapleford is posted on the website​ and it will be just like you were here.  Your Generosity and Stewardship Team.  Many thanks to our Stewardship team, Rob Stapleford and Cris Middlebro’, for their presentaion on Sunday.  In case you missed Rev. Dave Jagger’s message to us on Sunday, good news,  Many thanks as well to all those who brought food and helped with the celebration luncheon.


We need to share the Joy and Love we’ve found here with the Community! Two ways:

  1. Silently: Our brand spanking new CHRISTMAS EVE door hangers are in! Please see Rob Stapleford after the service to get your route and a bundle or more. Take a stroll and just place a doorhanger to invite our neighbours to come share the JOY!
  2. Actively: Invite YOUR family, friends, co-workers and neighbours to Christmas Eve service at 7pm. If they, or you, haven’t been here on Dec 24th for a while, they’ll be glad they are! 
  3. It will be a shorter service and very Family Friendly, while being full of meaning!

LOVE TO SING??  Consider joining our GAUC CHOIR, Christmas is coming !!!

Practice will be Friday evening at 7:30 this week only. It is usually every Thursday evening at 7:30pm, come and enjoy great fellowship! Christmas season singers are welcome to please start  NOW, as these selections are ready and will be practiced first.  For more info please contact our Music Director Yvonne Choi @   


THIS  Sun Dec 8th  @10am    NEW MEMBERS SUNDAY!

Tues Dec 10th @ 8:30am    MEN’S GROUP  Workday and Christmas luncheon

Tues Dec 24th @ 7:00pm    CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE !  INVITE EVERYONE!!   


The next men’s work day is set for Tuesday Dec 10th (start at 830am) and will be followed by a lunch at a local restaurant/pub. If you can make the luncheon-and we hope you can-please save the date and email Gary Dobbie to let him know you will be attending (email

THE OUTREACH COMMITTEE is again supporting Halton Women’s Place by collecting furry friends. Halton Women’s Place is an organization that provides shelter and crisis services for women and their dependent children when they are in need.  These furry friends are given out by the shelter during the year to the children that come to the shelter. Also at Christmas time the shelter gives out hampers to all the women and their children who have been helped there during the year. In this hamper they also include a furry friend. If you choose to donate please put them in the basket under the Christmas Tree in the Sanctuary on December 8th and 15th.  

OUTREACH is also supporting Wesley Ministries by giving the congregation an opportunity to purchase Walmart gift cards for Wesley’s clients. Wesley is an organization that helps people who are homeless or about to lose their homes in achieving the basic life necessity of housing. From this starting point Wesley works in many ways to help people rebuild their lives. These gift cards will be given to the client for buying necessities for their new housing. To donate take a circular tag off the small outreach Christmas tree in the Narthex and return it to the box on the name tag table. .  Please bring your donations in on December 8th and 15th. 

Cards / Letters to our Canadian Armed Forces serving overseas this Christmas: 
The Outreach Committe reminds us that many of us will spend the holidays with our families.
many of us will not. You can send military members a greeting at this address:
Any Canadian Armed Forces Member
P.O. Box 5004 Stn Forces
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5W6
It would mean a lot if you sent a card or letter to military personnel.
Postage is required and in order for letters or cards to be received by Forces members overseas by Christmas, the correspondence must be in Trenton before
December 9th.

DID YOU KNOW? that our Church is a beautiful place to hold a wedding, with a wide middle aisle, plenty of seating and parking, and is available to anyone? Rev. Ted works closely with the couple to get to know them, to make sure their ceremony is really personal, engaging, low stress and enjoyable! No connection with the Church is needed, and if the wedding is at a different location, he is still available to officiate. Just call 905-515-3317.  


PICKLEBALL is back! It will be held most Fridays at 7:30 in the gym.  Newcomers are welcome to come at 7:15 for some instruction.  Just bring soft soled shoes, a loonie and your own water bottle.

Cris, Paul and Sara are looking forward to seeing our great Glen Abbey kids Sunday morning! Did you attend Sunday School when you were young? You probably have some really good memories of those Sunday mornings, whether of yourself or your kids! Why not bring your grandchildren, nephews or nieces for a good time for all. Every Sunday we have Funday Sunday School for kids of all ages.   HELP NEEDED – As the Sunday School grows, with the range of ages, would you be willing to help out now and then, or provide backup if Cris, Paul or Sara are away or sick?  Please speak to Cris Vance or phone her at 905-220-7115.


The Board receives a financial update on core operations from the finance team each quarter and wants to share this information with the congregation. Highlights from the financial summary to September 30 that was presented at the Board meeting on October 16 are below.

  • The financial results to September 30, 2019 are improved over the results in 2018. Weekly offerings have increased by nearly 10% with total income up by almost 7%;
  • Operating expenses in 2019 are 5% lower than 2018. The operating loss is much reduced (the church generally realizes a loss from operations at 3Q because revenues increase during the Christmas season); and
  • The major risk to the 2019 finances are the repairs to the furnace arising from the power surge earlier in the year. Costs of $15-20,000 to repair the furnace are expected. The Property Committee is exploring recoveries through GAUC’s insurance policy. 

If you have any questions on this update, please contact Rob Stapleford, Treasurer at


Your giving to Glen Abbey United can result in a nice income tax deduction at the end of the year. You will receive a charitable donation receipt if you have offering envelopes, or even simpler, just sign up for PAR (pre-authorized remittance) Please contact Peter Hobbes at or speak to Rev. Ted.


It’s so good to see how people are enjoying socializing and coffee before the service, but please plan on arriving between 9:30 and 9:45 to do this, as we still want to start the service right at 10am. Thanks for your help in making this happen! When the bell rings, that’s a 2 minute warning!

GAUC SEWING CIRCLE – meets most Sundays in the Nursery from 2pm – 4pm.  If you are a sewer or have been wanting to learn, this is the group for you!  Many of the items made are gifted to local charities.  For more info contact Sandra Thwaites 


Whether you need a nametag, to get a tax receipt by receiving offering envelopes or even easier, pre-authorized remittance (PAR), or an occasional mailing, please fill out the information card in the pew and put it on the offering plate.​

WHO ARE YOU? A great aspect of a Church Family is being able to call each other by name. If you have a permanent name tag, PLEASE wear it! If you need one, just fill out the card in the pew, or email Pat at  Not everyone is able to remember names, and we have many new people, so please let them know who you are! If you don’t have one yet, we have stick-on ones with markers near the coffee station.​


Whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or any other medium, please visit  and you can share  from there to invite your friends! Also reviews of our Church on Google or Yelp would be MOST appreciated and an excellent way to share with the community the great things that are happening here!

IN OFFICE HOURS–If you would like to meet with Rev. Ted, Tuesdays-10am to 6pm or Thursdays-10am to 7:30pm, or after choir practice, would be the best times. If a Wednesday appointment is necessary, he will drive in, as he is working at home that day and Fridays.​


 A couple of times per year we will send out a mailing to every home. To keep in touch, if we don’t currently have your address, email and phone number, please fill out one of the forms that are in the pews, or email Pat Thompson at